April 10, 2018

Have you ever tried something childish?

When you get tired from a long working hour, you really need some relaxation, what you really do, and what you do that matters a lot. Many of you may watch television, login to the social network, watch movies or hang out with your friends.

Whatever you the best is Hanging out with your friends is really good, but that too not so long, after all, keep some amount of time for yourself. Think about your whole day.

I tell you what I do, I love cooking especially nonveg. So whenever its a #Nonveg day like Tuesday, Thursday (v important ) and Saturday. I usually cook these days and someday I post them on my Instagram. many days it happens that it does not cook well but anyway my tummy manages.

Cooking is fun for me and the best refreshment so I do cook in a childish way by enjoying the same.




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